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Fri Jul 15, pm. I've been playing since day one and am at level I have all Toy Story characters at level 10 except Zurg obviously. Did I miss it or did something go wrong? What can I do?

Kingdom's Quest - #5 Kingdom Series

Sat Jul 16, am. You need to complete a series of storyline quests before he appears. EVE is optional. I have all of those characters, even Eve and WallE, most are L10 or close. It feels like the game skipped the Zurg battle for some reason.

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Sir Gavin, a young and rising Noble Knight, has devoted his Read description. Go to Basket. If you like this you may also like Sir Gavin, a young and rising Noble Knight, has devoted his life to eradicating the followers of the stranger claiming to be the King's son from Chessington. But when he's saved by none other than the Prince himself, he accepts a new name and mission in Kingdom's Call.

Now Sir Gavinaugh in Kingdom's Quest, he's a new man who is taking the Prince's message to everyone in the kingdom of Arrethtrae. The ultimate clash between good and evil climaxes in Kingdom's Reign. But years later they escape and initiate the final battle with the King himself. Add to Basket Go to Basket.

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