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Creative Commons Attribution 4. Fiscal year:.

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View table of contents. Funding for the defence and settlement of legal claims against the Crown. This appropriation is limited to the purchase or development of assets by and for the use of the Ministry of Health, as authorised by section 24 1 of the Public Finance Act Provision of new loans to DHBs for the purpose of facilities redevelopment and other purposes agreed by the Crown including balance sheet reconfiguration. Funding to provide interest-free loans to people entering into aged residential care facilities. Capital purchase and development costs incurred to prepare for significant health emergencies.

To provide regulatory and control services for the building industry under the Building Act and related consumer information. Developing, implementing and maintaining registration and licensing regimes for building practitioners and electrical workers. Administration of residential tenancies bond monies including collecting and repaying bond monies, managing and investing bond monies , provision of information, advice and dispute resolution services to tenants and landlords in relation to residential tenancies as required by Residential Tenancies Act To provide sector and regulatory policy advice on the building and housing sector.

To provide owners of dwellinghouses affected by the leaky building syndrome with information and access to speedy, flexible and cost-effective procedures for assessment and resolution of claims relating to those buildings. Intended Impacts, Outcomes and Objectives - Part 2. Purchase of education, support, capacity building and other services from third-party providers, by HNZC, to support target groups into improved housing outcomes including the Government's housing response in NECBOP areas.

Purchase of housing related services from HNZC including capacity building with third sector providers, home ownership initiatives, Community Renewal and Healthy Housing. This appropriation is limited to the administration and management of Crown owned properties held under the Housing Act Subsidy provided to HNZC to compensate for the difference between assessed income-related and market rentals.

Borrowing expenses authorised by section 60 1 b of the Public Finance Act, incurred in respect of loans made to the Crown for the purposes of the Housing Act Contestable rent relief fund for service provider tenants of Community Group Housing properties who face difficulties in meeting rental payments. This appropriation is limited to the purchase or development of assets by and for the use of the Department of Building and Housing, as authorised by section 24 1 of the Public Finance Act Intended Impacts, Outcomes and Objectives - Part 6.

This appropriation is limited to acquiring, developing and modernising properties under the Housing Act Capital injections debt or equity to HNZC to give effect to Government policy decisions around stock acquisition, modernisation and other housing interventions.

Provision of related advice on appropriate policy settings, research and evaluation, Ministerial services and support services for Residence Review Board and Removal Review Authority, is also funded by this appropriation. Participation in multilateral initiatives, the preparedness to respond to a humanitarian crisis, the provision of related advice on appropriate policy settings, research and evaluation, and support services for Refugee Status Appeal Authority is also funded by this appropriation.

Immigration Advisers Authority. Regulation of persons who give immigration advice, and facilitation of education and professional development and of public awareness by the Immigration Advisers Authority, pursuant to the functions described in section 35 of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act Provision of migrant customer services that include facilitation, decision making and border risk management, response to settlement needs and community initiatives to encourage migrant participation. Provision of refugee customer services that include selection, travel and resettlement of quota refugees and refugee status determinations and support processes for claimants.

Provision of information and research on classification procedures and systems. Providing translation and other foreign language services to Government and the public.

Operational advice and services to regulate and monitor gaming activity; the control of objectionable material and enforcement services to address the problem of spam. Policy Advice - Internal Affairs Policy advice on matters relating to: gaming, censorship, fire, identity, public inquiries, daylight saving and the Significant Community Based Projects Fund; the performance of and appointments to Crown entities; appointments to statutory bodies; and drafting ministerial correspondence and questions.

Policy advice on ethnic affairs and provision of advisory and information services to ethnic communities; drafting ministerial correspondence and questions; management of the contract for the telephone interpreting service Language Line ; and provision of information and training to ethnic communities and government agencies using Language Line.

Intended Impacts, Outcomes and Objectives - Part 5. Cabinet Office Circular CO 06 08 "covers all statutory bodies and non-statutory bodies and committees in which the Crown has an interest that are outside the Remuneration Authority's or other fee setting bodies' jurisdiction" The fees are paid within the range specified for Group 1 bodies in Annex 3 of the circular.

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The process contained in the circular paragraphs 47 - 53 for exceptions is followed where appropriate. This appropriation incorporates the Inspector-General as per the provisions of the Permanent Legislative Authority contained in the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act Capital Injections 97, , Increase in capital injections is due to new initiates approved during the year. Advice to government and communities on the Crime Reduction Strategy and management of partnerships between government, local authorities and communities to develop crime prevention and community safety programmes.

Purchase of justice sector leadership and support including the development and implementation of an integrated Justice Sector Information Strategy; advice and information about judicial and statutory appointments; and provision of advice on purchase of outputs supplied by Crown entities and other agencies funded through Vote Justice, and on the Crown's ownership interest in these Crown entities.

The purchase of community crime prevention services and programmes delivered by community and local government agencies.

Vote Foreign Affairs and Trade - Supplementary Estimates 2007/08

Establishment of a trust that is intended to rebuild, reclaim and promote Moriori culture, identity and heritage. Capital Withdrawals - - Surplus to be Retained Deficit Incurred 8, - Other Movements 11, - Closing Balance 65, 62, Supplementary Estimates closing balance reflects the anticipated results as at 30 June Managing the Department's multilateral, bilateral, and regional engagement and influence on labour and related employment issues, including the Government's obligations and interests through the International Labour Organisation, and the Government's trade agenda as it relates to the labour portfolio.

Provision of information, guidance, investigation, mediation and decision making regarding employment rights and upholding minimum standards including support services provided to employment relations institutions. Provision of information, education and support for workplaces regarding effective workplace health and safety practice, and enforcement action to promote compliance with the HSE Act.

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Provision of information, education, and enforcement services relating to the safe management of hazardous substances in the workplace, and the registration and inspection of amusement devices. Grant funding for programmes that promote improved employment relationships and good faith behaviour, and good health and safety practices amongst employers, unions and employees.

Funding of applications received from employer or union organisations that are directly involved or represent collections of organisations that are involved in pay and employment equity reviews or negotiations within or across the public sector. This appropriation is limited to the purchase or development of assets by and for the use of the Department of Labour, as authorised by section 24 1 of the Public Finance Act M44 This appropriation is limited to the purchase of access rights over land adjoining Crown forest licensed land in order that the Crown forest licensed land may be more easily accessed.

Capital Injections 13, 15, Capital Withdrawals - - Surplus to be Retained Deficit Incurred 13, 15, Other Movements 8, This is a non-cash movement to cover the forecast output deficits. Closing Balance 47, 39, The management and disposal of the Crown's interest in land and property outside of the conservation estate and acquisition, management and disposal of land and property administered by the department on behalf of the Crown. The collection and authorisation of land data and information in accordance with the regulatory frameworks.

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Policy advice to the Government and Minister, relating to land and property information and providing support to the Minister. Ensuring that the regulatory frameworks that create and protect property rights, and protect the public interest in Crown property management, rating valuations and the land information for which LINZ is responsible, are managed effectively and that delivery against the frameworks is quality assured. Project site work on hydro lakes and surrounding areas to rationalise and maintain lake assets. Management of Crown forest properties and licences, including settling reviews, interest liability and GST on refunded fees.

Loss on disposal of properties arising from Crown obligations including the return of gifted land to the donor at nil value. Investigation and resolution, including legal costs and settlement, of land-related liabilities administered by the department.

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To pay Transit NZ the equivalent of what the Crown has received from the sales of Transit properties. This appropriation is limited to the purchase of access over Crown Pastoral Land and purchase of access or land management activities on Crown Pastoral Land. Acquisition of properties falling within Cabinet's approved policy area for Huntly East subsidence zone.

Acquisition of properties arising from Crown obligations including gifted land. Acquisition of land from Territorial Authorities and other Crown agencies to effect boundary adjustments for works such as roading and rail service improvements. Provision of safety lighting and adequate warning of navigational hazards. A grant for the use of Lake Taupo, based upon a agreement between the Crown and the Tuwharetoa iwi.

Upgrading of boating facilities at Lake Taupo. It includes Treaty policy issues and advice on the impact of legislation. Impact: Maori people exercise confident and responsible choices about the quality of life they experience, and as a result, increasingly realise their economic potential. Objective: Positively influence the quality of Maori participation and success in the economy. To establish the Entity for Enhancing Maori Economic Development including related transitional costs.

Reviewing and approving financial reporting standards, and work relating to the international harmonisation of financial reporting standards. The IASB project group dealing with financial reporting by small and medium sized entities - By representation on working groups. Attendance at annual IASB meeting Per budget Per Attendance at meetings and responses to relevant bodies provided within agreed timeframes.

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The ASRB will base its work on accurate research into, and analysis of, the existing law and practice, and will take into account feedback from consultation with market participants. Participate as required on projects and reviews with MED, other Government departments and interested parties. As required As required As required Provide information and responses to the Ministry of Economic Development and others within agreed timeframes. The promotion of competition and fair trading through the administration, enforcement and adjudication activities undertaken by the Commerce Commission.

Nil Nil Nil Timeliness Authorisations determined by the Commission under s58 and s67 of the Commerce Act within the agreed average number of working days of registering an application. Contributions to International Organisations Objective: To enable Directors to attend meetings where appropriate.