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Expect to see a funeral you are unlikely to forget. Kaboul Kitchen What does Afghanistan need the most in the year ? This sitcom is loosely based on the experiences of an actual proprietor of the only French restaurant in Kabul. This very unique show manages to be funny and thoughtful, deserving everyone's attention and my prize for the best international comedy. A criminal profiler, as well as a detective, Konig is asked to investigate Bukow, a detective with a very suspicious past. Marie's Mind for Murder After the death of her father, a policeman in the same force, Inspector Marie Bland retired from the department.

While consulting on a difficult case, she is joined forces with an unlikely partner, a ladies' man without passion for analytics. Deutschland 83 A spy thriller set during the Cold War, Deutschland 83 remains true to the spirit and look of the early '80s. Martin Rauch, a young East German joins the army on the other side of the wall, in an attempt to gain some insight into the NATO strategy.

The show centers around experience of several soldiers, returning home after being held as hostages for a number of years. The series follows the exploits of the irascible but ultimately lovable police inspector Salvo Montalbano. The depictions of the many layers of Sicilian society, from destitute refugees to the immensely wealthy, as well as Montalbano's personal and professional relationships, add depth to this crime series adapted from Andrea Camilleri's novels.

Inspector Manara Upon his involuntary transfer from Milan to a sleepy Tuscan town, inspectors Guido Manara expects to be bored. Shortly after Guido's arrival, a librarian is savagely murdered. Delighted by a dashing policeman, town's female population is eager to avenge the librarian.

  • Shalom, Salam: Conversations sur le Maroc entre deux amis médecins (Graveurs de Mémoire) (French Edition).
  • The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation — Volume 04.
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While a great number of women are willing to assist Inspector Manara in his investigations, things grow quite complicated, as his former flame happens to be a chief of forensics. This beautifully crafted drama shows the human side of forty years of Italian history, as it follows the lives of two brothers and their friends and family, starting with their high school days in Rome in the early s.

Don Matteo After spending some time away from his town, enterprising and slightly meddlesome Don Matteo solves crimes local police is incapable of solving. Bicycling through town in his habit, he always happens to be in the right place at a wrong time. Bridge is an outstanding and rare example of entertainment that allows for a nuanced view of life. Saga Noren, a Swedish detective with unmentioned, but clearly pronounced version of Aspergers' syndrome, must learn to cooperate with a deeply troubled Danish colleague.

There is not a single false note in this show, so don't expect a happy end.

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Unlike his handsome and impulsive partner, Martin Beck is not concerned with appearances. Unlike proper, but eccentric Beck, Gunwale refuses to play by the rules. The good cop, bad cop routine works for this pair of seasoned detectives. Irene Huss Married mother of two teens, Irene is dealing with parenting, marriage, crime, and private investigator assignments from a neighbor. Henning Mankell's Wallander Want to meet a man that is handsome, intelligent, emotionally complex, and dedicated to his work?

Category: Belgian Crime Drama

Watch Henning Mankell's Wallander. While there is a number of Wallanders out there, most viewers seem to prefer the original Swedish version. Ignore reviews that reflect a shallow, but deeply ingrained Hollywood stereotypes of an "ideal" good looking male protagonist. Krister Henriksson was a very handsome man, is a very a handsome man, and will always be a very handsome man. Fortitude Fortitude receives my prize for the most unusual geographical setting. Filmed in Iceland, this glacial town of unspecified remote location is populated by scientists and absconders of all walks of life.

No one is allowed to die in Fortitude, as it's impossible to be buried in permafrost. The Governor of Fortitude is very eager to attract investors for her glacier hotel project.

Street Law (Code Red) (Blu-Ray) – DiabolikDVD

When several inhabitants of Fortitude are savagely murdered, those plans have to be put on ice. Broadchurch Intensively atmospheric, Broadchurch examines the effects of tragedy on an isolated community. Tensions are brewing after a young boy body is found on the beach. Who did she have a one-night stand with that proved fatal for her? Release date: Available now Country: Iceland Episodes: 12 x 60 mins.

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The harrowing story of Laura, a journalist and single mother who becomes embroiled with wealthy businessman and suspected serial killer. If follows Laura, a journalist on maternity leave who finds herself newly single with two children and in deep financial trouble. A solution to her problems presents itself in the form of handsome, notorious, businessman Hrafn, the only downside being that he has been accused of the murder of a young woman. This sets off a series of events that sees Laura redeem herself in the face of extreme danger involving organised crime, murder, drug tafficking, kidnapping… she has been saved from her desperate financial situation, but at what cost?

Internationally praised for its magnetic pairing of quick wit with gruesome crime, The Court is regarded as the seminal Icelandic crime drama and is a must for fans of Nordic Noir.

Dojo de la Bouilladoune

The Court follows the professional and personal lives of three lawyers at a Reykjavik law firm. Based on real-life cases, it merges hard-hitting plot lines with spikily drawn characters. Determined to uncover the truth about what really happened one night in his youth—an incident that left a man dead and Logi imprisoned for manslaughter — his demons threaten to send him spiralling ever further into alcoholism.

Standing between Logi and self-destruction are his colleagues Brynhildur and Hordur, two lawyers whose own private lives are far from simple. Amidst all their personal dramas, this team must tackle their day jobs, as each episode brings them new cases as dangerous as they are diverse. Release date: Available now Country: France Episodes: 4 x 50 mins.

One October evening, the Mayor of a large provincial town accidentally kills his mistress. To protect his career and his reputation, his driver attempts to cover it up. The two men quickly descend into criminal activity in a desperate attempt to erase their tracks.

Racing against them to uncover the truth and prevent further bloodshed is Inspector Alexander Konygnski. After his marriage collapses and he is transferred from Lyon as a disciplinary measure, the city has become his last chance, and this investigation his reason for living. Duel is a tense four-part drama in French with subtitles. A gripping game of cat and mouse between the powers that be and those we expect to protect the rest of us, Duel En Ville takes us to the heart of the essential question: how far some will go to protect their reputation.

Thomas has an extraordinary ability: when he touches an object he can envision the memories, emotions and secrets of its owner. It is this unusual gift brings him back to France and his estranged brother from the US after contents of mysterious package lead him to believe that his only remaining sibling may be in grave danger. Back in his hometown, Thomas finally makes peace with his detective brother and the pair successfully start work on a series of criminal investigations, while Thomas gets to the bottom of his foreboding visions.

There is, however, one huge hitch: Thomas is on bail in America following a murder conviction 15 years ago, and the only way he avoids a prison sentence is through helping the police with his special gift. Release date: Available now Country: France Episodes: 1 x 90 mins. In the lead up to a presidential election, a major terrorism threat risks sending the country into chaos.


If the government do not meet the high-stakes demands from the clandestine organisation, pre-planted and programmed bombs will detonate across the entire rail network, causing countless deaths and sending the nation into chaos. Despite an operation deployed by the anti-terrorist unit, the Home Office has no other choice but to call Franck Barrot, police superintendent well-known for his controversial methods, to neutralise the armed group.

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His investigation will lead him to the very top level of the terrorist organisation: the government itself. Release date: Available now Country: Belgium Episodes: 6 x 50 mins. Scratch My Back is a refreshing look at the lives of the old and young as they come together against a common enemy. In Flemish with subtitles, the show blends comedy with action and forces us to rethink how we make assumptions about generations alien to our own.

When the manager of luxury retirement home La Belle Epoque, Viviane Speltnickx, finds her business in the midst of both a staffing crisis and financial danger, her assistant Joyce suggests they recruit some young offenders due to complete community service.

After some resistance from the residents, four unruly delinquents find themselves at the home, ready and able but not exactly willing to do the work. And the four teens have little common ground between them. But when dark clouds begin gather above the home, the elderly will need the help of the young to avoid catastrophe. New Texas is a darkly comic Belgian show that examines the depths and farcicality of familial love, when siblings who hate each other are forced — for the first time since childhood — to live once again under the same roof.

Following the sudden death of the family patriarch, the four Vrancken brothers are set to inherit a large, expensive villa purchased in secret by their money-conscious father. However, there is one important stipulation in the contract: the argumentative brothers must first live together under the same roof for an entire year before they can claim their inheritance.

Release date: Available now Country: Norway Episodes: 18 x 30 mins. Girls goes to Norway in this Lena Dunham-worthy dramedy about three women in their 20s trying to find themselves in Oslo, among a myriad of social expectations, ambitions and shattered dreams. The series begins with Elise who, having tried her hand at stand-up in Los Angeles, has returned home to Norway to renew her visa. There she meets up with her friends, Nenne and Alex, one an aspiring writer and the other a failing actor. The show has already aired its second season in Norway, also consisting of six episodes.

Read: Why you should be watching Young and Promising. Read our interview with its star and creator, Siri Seljeseth. This dark psychological drama follows the brutal and shocking murder of a young boy in an affluent suburb of Tel Aviv. The part series confronts the theme of institutionalised racism through a compelling plot driven by the power of maternal love. On the eve of Yom Kippur Yael, a prison therapist, is assigned a new inmate: a man imprisoned for murdering his own children.

Release date: Available now Country: Argentina Episodes: 13 x As the clandestine clean-ups increase and as she continues to struggle to provide a normal life for her ailing son Felipe, Rosa finds herself pulled deeper and deeper into the mafia. Release date: Available now Country: Brazil Episodes: 3 x With their lives now at risk, the four undercover policemen stay low and do everything they can to stay alive. But while taking cover from the jungle of gunfire and warfare outside, they start to question if the traitor could in fact be amongst them….

Pregnant with her first child, Eva and Peter are blissfully happy and about to move into a new house in a seemingly quiet neighbourhood on the outskirts of Amsterdam. However, tragedy strikes, Eva gives birth prematurely and the baby dies. Grief stricken they find support and friendship with their new neighbours, Rebecca and Steef. At first, the friendship is fun but as the lives of both couples become more intertwined, dark secrets are exposed and boundaries crossed with fatal consequences for all involved. Season 2 picks up events one year after Season 1, with Eva befriending her new neighbours, Steffi and Lex, and their kids.