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  2. Lucy Mulhall’s roundabout journey to Ireland captaincy.
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USD 2. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Her colleague Dan has admired her curves for months, and offers to lend a hand — and more.

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Can she resist his offer to help her out of her sticky situation, or will she give in to her urge to be suckled? Warning: this 5,word short story contains steamy, creamy sex, and a curvaceous lactating lovely satisfying a thirst for milk! Adults only! Extract: In the confined space she was convinced he must be able to smell the sweet, milky fluid.

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The top edge of her bra bit uncomfortably into the taut skin as her breasts bulged, pushing the bottom of the cups away from her body. Product Details About the Author.

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When Roger storms out, Seb is on hand to console his step-mum, all the while hiding his glee at driving a wedge between the newly-weds. Lucy thinks that she has at last found a soul mate.

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She knows that the likelihood of meeting a genuine man over the Internet is full of risk, but when it comes down to the crunch, can she really go through with it? She watches Giles from afar, but time and her nerves are against her and she stands the poor man up.

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  • Lucy is alarmed when she hears on the radio that Bruno has given away a penalty and realises that she has to get to the ground as soon as possible — Bruno is convinced that she is his lucky charm. The lads lose the game and are out of Europe. Roger blames Bruno, but Conrad is blaming management.

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    Frustrated and angry, Roger completely loses it and throws a shampoo bottle at Conrad. To everyone else, it looks like the manager is losing it. Bruno meanwhile is worried about the financial implications of an early exit from Europe and Lucy can only console him as he cries like a baby. Seb continues to stir things up at home by telling Jackie the truth about his steroid use, spinning the story so that he comes out looking hard done by.

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