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A boatman goes to Vienne and procures from the old Jew a famous sword, called Hauteclere, and some wine.

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The fight is renewed and lasts till nightfall, when an angel descends from heaven, and orders the two heroes to be reconciled and to fight together against the Saracens. The warriors embrace and Olivier promises Roland the hand of his sister. Such was the beginning of the friendship of the two mighty champions of Christendom. Hugo's poem, however, is not based directly on the story, but on a modern prose adaptation by Achille Jubinal which appeared in Le Journal du Dimanche in Hugo omitted from his adaptation two incidents of great poetic interest, namely, the picture of Aude watching the fight, and the miraculous intervention of the angel.

He has, on the other hand, inserted the barbaric incident of the fight with trees. He has eliminated, that is to say, the tender and the religious elements from the story and made it simply the narrative of a Homeric combat, with more than a touch of the grotesque. Nevertheless, he has retained the characteristic incident of the chivalrous behaviour of Roland in sending for a new sword for his enemy and in giving him time for rest, a trait which finds a parallel in many other Chansons , notably in the story of the battle of Roland with Ferragus, a Saracen giant.

When Ferragus is worn out with fighting, Roland watches over him while he sleeps, and on his awakening enters into a theological discussion with him in the hope of converting him to Christianity. When this pious desire fails, the combat is renewed. Saint Michael is described in Rev. Hugo is mistaken in his description of Olivier , who was not lord of Vienne and a sovereign count, but only the son of Renier, duke of Genoa. The only statement in these two lines which is correct is that his grandfather was Garin. As already noted, in the original story it is an aged Jew who arms Olivier for the fight.

The reference to him is of course an anachronism. Roland's sword, Durandal , which was given him by Charlemagne, plays the same part in the French Chansons as Siegfried's sword Balmung in the Nibelunglied , or Excalibur in the Arthurian cycle. Other forms of the name are Durendas, Durrenda, Durandarda. It still produces a well-known wine, called Vins de l'Ermitage.

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