Our Vampires, Ourselves

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About this product Product Information Nina Auerbach shows how every age embraces the vampire it needs, and gets the vampire it deserves. Working with a wide range of texts, as well as movies and television, Auerbach locates vampires at the heart of our national experience and uses them as a lens for viewing the last two hundred years of Anglo-American cultural history.

Our Vampires, Ourselves

Auerbach has dissected and deconstructed them with the tender ruthlessness of a hungry chef, with cogency and wit. Auerbach sets matters straight in her very first paragraph. This book is a history of Anglo-American culture through its mutating vampires.

Her book really takes off. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. See all 7.

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We have ratings, but no written reviews for this, yet. In lesser hands, a show this dense might crumble under the weight of its own dogma. The secret is perhaps in the blood — human, vampire and synthetic. Other vampires have gone rogue, rejecting humanity and celebrating their monster qualities. They kill humans not to gain access to more humanity, but to vanquish it.

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Taken as a single drop, V mimics the psychotropic affects of Ecstasy. Whichever way the blood is flowing, a great deal of dependence — some might even say co-dependence — exists between human and vampire. The way each group approaches the other — with mistrust, skepticism and no small degree of fetishism — belies a prurient and all-consuming fascination with who and what each groups thinks it is — and is not.

So determined is each group to cast difference and doubt in the direction of The Other, that each fails to notice the time and energy devoted to the very group it scourges.


When we meet Jason, we learn he has a rapidly burgeoning fetish for vampire sex. Jason watches homemade vampire porn, and starts dressing as a vampire during sex.

Liberated by His Bite

Before long, his friend and drug dealer, Lafayette, introduces him to V, and a whole new dependence is born. Our vampire arrived by the commonplace means of the railway train, and in the afternoon. This is serious business.

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Come meet the Wronski family, who live in a castle. Their guest arrives, Count Vardalek, a Hungarian.

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Listen to the audio from Librivox. Stenbock was born in Estonia. He wrote poetry, prose, and short stories. He loved Buddha and Shelley. After his death in , Stenbock was buried at the Brighton Catholic Cemetery. Before burial the heart was extracted and sent to Estonia, preserved in a glass urn to be stored in the wall of the church. Join me in reading one short story every other week!

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