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MARK, you seem to know what you are talking about. Minor correction though: Atonal Music and tone Music are not the same thing. Serial Music, can simply be described as using all 12 notes from the Chromatic Scale, often without repeating a single note until all 12 notes have been used. But perhaps it can best be characterized as follows:. In music, serialism is a method or technique of composition Griffiths , that uses a series of values to manipulate different musical elements.

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The idea of serialism is also applied in various ways in the visual arts, design, and architecture Bandur , 5, 12, 74; Gerstner , passim. Atonal Music is — simply put — Western Music that does not have a tonal center and does not follow traditional ways of building Harmony, Melody and Rhythm.

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According to Wikipedia: Atonality in its broadest sense is music that lacks a tonal center, or key. Atonality, in this sense, usually describes compositions written from about to the present day where a hierarchy of pitches focusing on a single, central tone is not used, and the notes of the chromatic scale function independently of one another Kennedy More narrowly, the term atonality describes music that does not conform to the system of tonal hierarchies that characterized classical European music between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries Lansky, Perle, and Headlam More narrowly still, the term is sometimes used to describe music that is neither tonal nor serial, especially the pre-twelve-tone music of the Second Viennese School, principally Alban Berg, Arnold Schoenberg, and Anton Webern Lansky, Perle, and Headlam I really, really hope jazz music pissed off the Nazis!

Nicholas- Thanks, I can accept the correction; although accuracy would require us to call it pan-tonal music. So hard to believe… but as we well know, absolute truth.

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Wordpress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. Mozart composed this set of three Teutsche German Dances in the early months of The three dances of K. The pieces first appear on 12 February on Mozart's List of all my Works , [1] and are the penultimate set of German Dances that Mozart would compose before his death on 5 December The dances are scored for piccolo , two flutes , two oboes , two bassoons , two horns , two trumpets , timpani , violins I and II, violoncellos , and double basses. The third dance uniquely adds two posthorns and five sleigh bells tuned to C, E, F, G, and A in ascending order.

As the name "Three German Dances" suggests, this set of dances includes three individual dances. Each dance changes in instrumentation; only the violins play in all three dances. Each dance varies in character because of this, and each includes various features:.