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It sounds like she will look at an individual's test results, review tests that have been done, discuss others that could be done, and provide insight and recommendations based on a person's unique… read more. Really a good book, lots of information about all the osteoporosis's medicines, needed dietary changes, calcium supplements, nutrition , excercise, very informativ. I have taken ibrondronate like Boniva for 5 years.

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Off of it for about 6 months. Improved ever so slightly the first year and then nothing.

No family history of osteoporosis. BrendaS I have not had a consultation with her but I did call and talk to one of her representatives at length.

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I decided against the consultation. I've read her books and have been following her advice for years. I have done extensive testing. The consultant was not clear on how I would benefit from a consultation. Reading Keith McCormack's Whole Body Approach to Osteoporosis and going to an interpretive doctor of medicine who specializes in osteoporosis also influenced my decision. Your situation is different and you may come to a different conclusion. Bats 'n Bones By Susan H.

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Additional Information. You May Also Like. Our Heroes By Susan H. King's Court By Susan H. Coronation of the Queen By Susan H. Dinosaur Dig By Susan H. Rainbow's End By Susan H. Susan was not listed among the casualities, and is presumed to have survived the Second Wizarding War. Her later life is unknown. Susan had long red hair which she wears in a long plait down her back. In , Susan Splinched herself whilst practising Apparation, and in doing so she lost one of her legs. However, Susan was able to have her leg successfully reattached by the Heads of Houses but the ordeal left her confidence somewhat shaken.

Susan shared a dormitory with Hannah Abbott a fellow Hufflepuff and was most probably invited to join Dumbledore's Army by her.

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She may have also been a close friend of Ernie and Justin. It is unknown if she was a friend of Zacharias, too. Susan and her fellow classmates except Zacharias fought for Hogwarts at the Battle of Hogwarts and won the war. Hermione Granger became close friends with Susan in their second year. The two girls were always sitting next to each other in lessons, giggling about their crush on Lockhart. Susan was also a friend of Harry Potter, and possibly of Ron Weasley.

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She was very impressed by learning that Harry could cast a Patronus, and she also told him how she felt about her relatives' deaths during the First Wizarding War. She was also a friend of Seamus Finnigan , whom she shared a boat with in her first year and was often seen talking to him in lessons and in Dumbledore's Army meetings. During gameplay, some students when you walk past them will say "Did you hear about her aunt? Poor Susan. Sign In Don't have an account?

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She attended Hogwarts from to