The Diminished Man

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Our negligence, we are told, could endanger the lives of our friends and neighbours. Divorcing the speech from its original context, the band sidesteps admission of what the cause of this negligence could be. Not listening to album in its entirety, perhaps?

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Division In Crime is a worthwhile record. It presents the listener with a predetermined narrative, which, on the surface looks lacking in detail. It then proceeds to drop intermittent hints like a trail of sweets, inviting one to pick out certain details that guide one towards a bigger picture. Schmitt's repetitive phrases, when pitted against Henneman's trotting bass, embed themselves in one's consciousness, occasionally serving as a sonic bed for one's ruminating detective work.

The Diminished Man

There is some critique to be made, however, which takes me back to my introductory paragraph. Diminished Men do build environments which are vast and exciting, but the palette they chose to colour them with is a monochromatic one. There could be more variety in terms of melodic meanderings or even spatial awareness. Furthermore, Division In Crime is very much reliant on illustrating suggestive imagery, and it would be interesting to see if Diminished Men could take their textural template further into sonic abstraction.

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Shop Here. Sounds the same, but in theory terms, there is a difference depending on context e. You can also make perfect intervals dim — again, just make them smaller by a half step. C to G, for example is a perfect fifth. Make the G a Gb and you get: C — Gb — a di-minished fifth!

You can, again, also tackle this diminishing business by raising the lower note: C to C , so C — G — voila, a di-minished fifth! By the way, it is this diminished fifth that causes chords to be named diminished! On the bass this looks like this from Music Theory for the Bass Player :. There is only one kind of a di-minished triad, the one shown above.

It sounds a bit dark, eerie, tense, maybe bluesy in the Blues context. It is written like this: Co or Cdim. And this always means three notes. A triad. Okay, onward to the four-note chords!

The Diminished Man By Charles E. Schwarz

Depending on what I add as my fourth note above that triad, I get two common chords:. This chord shows up in the major scale on the seventh scale degree. Cmin7b5 is, for example, the seventh scale degree in the key of Db: stack thirds from the seventh note in Db major and you get: C seventh scale degree — Eb — Gb — Bb to get there you are going through the scale starting from the seventh note of the scale and skip every other note.

Diminished Men - A Housewive's Dream (2009)

No accidentals because the key of C major does not have any at all. Likely you guessed that if there is a half diminished, there will also be a fully diminished chord. And there is. This chord does not occur within the major scale. It is a four note chord consisting of a diminished triad with an added diminished seventh As you already know by now, A diminished seventh. There is some logic in calling this one a fully diminished because the seventh is also diminished, as is the triad underneath versus that half-diminished one that only has a minor seventh on top, so only the triad is diminished.

Jilly Cooper: Men are being diminished now

Best way to approach all this is to play them in as many keys as possible, hear the difference and repeat the various names to yourself! Alright, the last item that can be di-minished is a scale. The Diminished scale goes like this: whole — half — whole — half — whole etc until you come back around to your starting note. It is the perfect scale for that o7 chord to use!! Whereas for half diminished a good choice is Locrian, the seventh mode since it is built on the seventh scale degree of the major scale [Ionian]. But there are other options, too!