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Immune Netw.

Published online Feb 25, Correspondence to Ji-Min Kim. Email: okjimin hanmail. Go to:. The role of lncRNAs as regulators of innate immunity Innate immunity is defined as the first line of host defense against pathogens and induces adaptive immune system to conduct effector functions 27 , The role of lncRNAs as regulators of adaptive immunity Adaptive immunity is highly specific.

Funding acquisition: Kim JM. Supervision: Kim JM. An integrated encyclopedia of DNA elements in the human genome.

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Long non-coding RNAs in the immune system | Nature Reviews Immunology

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Maedica Buchar ;— A loving couple chooses a derelict old Hospital to turn into a family home. Stanford Lodge had a proud past. Its heritage must be preserved. Guts and dreams in satisfying its old inhabitants, inspire lovers-yet a labour of love is View Product. A Matter Of Blood.

A pseudogene lncRNA at the interface of inflammation and anti-inflammatory therapeutics

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